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UniGetUI 3.1.1 beta 0 has been released. UniGetUI (formerly known as WingetUI) is a user-friendly GUI for Windows 10 and 11 CLI package managers that allows you to easily download, install, update, and delete software.

Changes include restoring packaged WinGet compatibility, addressing package encoding issues, and ensuring WinGet packages appear properly on systems lacking ascii-only usernames.

UniGetUI 3.1.1 beta 0


  • Added back bundled WinGet compatibility. This fixes:

    • No WinGet packages showing.
    • Microsoft.WinGet.Client not working/crashing
    • Microsoft.WinGet.Client not being compatible with Windows Server 2019
  • Issues with package encoding

    • WinGet will be found on systems where the user does not have a ascii-only username
    • WinGet packages showing garbled packages

Release UniGetUI 3.1.1 beta 0 · marticliment/UniGetUI