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WhyNotWin11 has been released with minor translation updates, fixes UNC paths, updated fallback processor lists, rounded corners for Windows 11, company names, and DisplayLink USB devices excluded from GPU footer.

WhyNotWin11 - New Year, New Version... New OS? comes with the following changes:

  • Minor Translation updates
  • Fixes UNC paths for /exporting
  • Updated Fallback Processor Lists
  • Adds Rounded Corners for Windows 11
  • Adds Company Name for some Updaters
  • Excludes DisplayLink USB devices from GPU footer
  • Shortens Motherboard footer for ASUS, Gigabyte, Microsoft, MSI, and Oracle Devices

Additionally, and have been registered for potential upcoming OSes but are not yet live.

Command Line Switches

Below are the available command line switches and their details:

* filetype
* filepath
Exports requirement check results to a file of a certain format:
* CSV: Comma Separated Values, will append without headers to an existing file if one exists.
* TXT: Plain Text File, will always overwrite existing files
-Ignores any OS Environment Incompatibilities, useful for WinPE and other Environments2.4.2
-Displays a help dialog, then exits. Can NOT be used with any other switch2.4.0
-Does not display the GUI but still runs checks and returns an Exit Code. Exit Code can be obtained using:
(Start-Process WhyNotWin11.exe -PassThru -Wait).ExitCode
* buildtype (optional)Downloads the latest of a specified build:
* Release: Default if no buildtype is specified
* Dev: Latest version automatically compiled based on github commits.

System Requirements

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended
OSWindows 8.1Latest Windows 10 Build
CPU32-bit Single Core64-bit Dual Core or Higher
RAM (Memory)40MB Free100MB Free
Disk (Storage)5MB Free100MB Free
LimitationsDirectX 12 Check InaccurateNone

Release - New Year, New Version... New OS? · rcmaehl/WhyNotWin11