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A new development build of Windows Package Manager 1.5 is now available for testing.

Windows Package Manager 1.5.1081-preview

This is the third development build after the Windows Package Manager 1.4 build for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11. This build will be released to Windows Insider Dev builds and Windows Package Manager Insiders.

Experimental features are enabled in this release. The experimental feature for enabling Windows Features is now supported and included in this release. You can now specify the Windows feature name (i.e. netfx3) you want to enable in the  WindowsFeature field in your installer manifest.

Run winget features to see which experimental features are enabled or disabled.
Add the following to your settings (winget settings) file to enable the experimental features including package pinning:

    "experimentalFeatures": {
          "pinning": true,
          "dependencies": true,
          "directMSI": true,
          "uninstallPreviousArgument": true,
          "windowsFeature": true,

This release makes improvements to the overall user experience of WinGet with improvements to package correlation, COM APIs, logging/output, and Portable installation. This release also includes an early preview of our Microsoft.WinGet.Client PowerShell module. Information about getting started and usage can be found  here.

What's Changed

  • Add std::endl after enabling/disabling Admin Setting by  @Trenly in  #2958
  • Update settings.schema.0.2.json to include pinning feature by  @florelis in  #2961
  • Update expect.txt by  @RDMacLachlan in  #2968
  • Config code by  @JohnMcPMS in  #2942
  • Add alternate url support for some predefined sources by  @JohnMcPMS in  #2970
  • Remove zip from 1.2 schema by  @Trenly in  #2996
  • Remove zip installer type from 1.0 and 1.1 manifests by  @ryfu-msft in  #3006
  • Fix order of pin labels by  @Trenly in  #3016
  • Configuration processors by  @msftrubengu in  #3008
  • docs: fix "default install root" location by  @Lutra-Fs in  #3034
  • Microsoft.Management.Configuration Windows target platform by  @msftrubengu in  #3032
  • Fix typo in MSStore get entitlement log by  @yao-msft in  #3031
  • AnyCPU for Microsoft.Management.Configuration.Projection and Microsoft.Management.Configuration.Processor by  @msftrubengu in  #3041
  • Expose Agreements and Locale Fields in COM by  @ryfu-msft in  #2897
  • Configuration commands by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3036
  • User/romaclac/spec enable store UI bypass by  @RDMacLachlan in  #3035
  • Clarify No installed package matching the input criteria was found in upgrade flow by  @Trenly in  #2877
  • Use copy instead of rename for moving extracted archive directories by  @ryfu-msft in  #3003
  • Add installed files and startup link metadata collection in Installer Metadata collection util by  @yao-msft in  #2985
  • Explicitly prevent fallthrough on OperationType by  @Trenly in  #3075
  • Schema draft for WinGet configure by  @ryfu-msft in  #2851
  • Fix PATH behavior of non-symlink installations for Portables/Zip by  @ryfu-msft in  #3002
  • Define properties object in configuration schema by  @ryfu-msft in  #3081
  • Make sure source agreements are initialized before checking by  @yao-msft in  #3080
  • Rework extra packaged files mechanism by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3064
  • Add new icon assets by  @denelon in  #3086
  • Add diagnostics to the processor component by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3087
  • Implement PowerShell cmdlets by  @msftrubengu in  #2838
  • Add logging around specific number of matches by  @Trenly in  #3094
  • Reformat Microsoft.WinGet.Client module output by  @ryfu-msft in  #3088
  • Make ConfigurationRemotingServer selfcontained by  @msftrubengu in  #3097
  • Processor improvements by  @msftrubengu in  #3101
  • Put required modules into the repo and consume them in dev scenarios by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3103
  • Throw exception if Import-Module fails by  @msftrubengu in  #3104
  • Add experimental feature support for enabling Windows Feature dependencies by  @ryfu-msft in  #3005
  • Fix internal build by  @msftrubengu in  #3106
  • Update the privacy statement link in README to link to correct page by  @ShyAssassin in  #3116
  • Remove one unnecessary lock per localization team suggestion by  @yao-msft in  #3115
  • Pass COM caller name to rest source in request header by  @yao-msft in  #3112
  • Enforce single install across winget processes by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3118
  • Support to Bypass Store Client App Policy When Called Through COM by  @PaulJYim in  #3105
  • Bug fixes by  @msftrubengu in  #3127
  • Use in-proc winget in PowerShell module when running as SYSTEM by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3129
  • Improve correlation by keeping arch info declared in manifest arp DisplayName entry by  @yao-msft in  #3100
  • Show Portable Installation Directories with --info by  @Trenly in  #3128
  • Use FolderId_ProgramFiles for non x86 default machine portable folder by  @yao-msft in  #3137
  • Add Windows10SDK 19041 Workload Component to VSConfig File by  @ryfu-msft in  #3143
  • Add support for bool, strings and arrays in Configuration settings by  @msftrubengu in  #3135
  • Add isPublic to IConfigurationUnitProcessorDetails by  @msftrubengu in  #3145
  • fix links by  @ave9858 in  #3147
  • Update by  @mdanish-kh in  #3148
  • Add refreshed Store source certs by  @yao-msft in  #3149
  • Add configuration telemetry events by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3152
  • Improve configure user experience by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3158
  • Fix bugs with display paths by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3157

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