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Microsoft has announced the first Windows Package Manager 1.5 release candidate build.

Windows Package Manager 1.5.1572

This release represents our first Windows Package Manager 1.5 release candidate build for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11.

The  Microsoft.WinGet.Client PowerShell module has been published to the PowerShell Gallery.

Experimental features have been disabled in this release. We will follow this release with another preview release build at GitHub so users can continue with experimental features available.


  • Pin a package  #476
  • Switch for --uninstallPrevious for upgrade  #2727
  • Add --custom argument for passing additional installer arguments by  @Trenly in  #2832
  • Improve correlation for optimized search in rest source and improve general correlation by downloading manifests by  @yao-msft in  #3252


  • Copy install behavior flags on upgrade --all by  @florelis in  #2794
  • Fix PATH behavior of non-symlink installations for Portables/Zip by  @ryfu-msft in  #3002
  • Don't read past the end of the HTTP stream by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3300

What's Changed

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Full Changelog v1.4.11071...v1.5.1572

Release Windows Package Manager 1.5.1572 · microsoft/winget-cli