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Microsoft has released Windows Package Manager 1.6.3133 for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11.

Windows Package Manager 1.6.3133

This release is the fifth stable release of Windows Package Manager 1.6 for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11. Experimental features have been disabled in this release.

The  winget configure command is now a stable feature and can be used to automatically handle the setup and configuration requirements for an ideal development environment on your Windows machine. Applying a WinGet configuration file helps with installing and managing software packages, applications, programming languages, frameworks, tools, or settings necessary for a project.

Support for package dependencies is also included in this stable release. You can also use the winget download command to download a package installer to your local machine.

What's Changed

  • Add missing condition for using toolset v143 when building JsonCppLib for arm by  @florelis in  #3773
  • Performance improvements by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3867
  • Make manifest retrieval choice more dynamic by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3738
  • Allow --accept-source-agreements with local manifests by  @Trenly in  #3753
  • Broadcast WM_SETTINGCHANGE on change of path by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3751
  • Allow higher version to satisfy the dependency by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3763
  • Use package version as potential last update timestamp by  @JohnMcPMS in  #3759
  • Microsoft.WinGet.Client Any CPU by  @msftrubengu in  #3622

Full Changelog v1.6.2771...v1.6.3133

Release Windows Package Manager 1.6.3133 · microsoft/winget-cli