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The first release candidate build of Windows Package Manager 1.7 has been made available by Microsoft for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11.

Windows Package Manager 1.7.10514

This release represents our first Windows Package Manager 1.7 release candidate build for Windows 10 (1809+), and Windows 11. Experimental features have been disabled in this release.


  • The winget repair command is now available and can be used to repair a package that is having issues.
  • Winget can enable Windows Features as a package dependency.
  • Winget now supports rebooting your machine if the installer return code indicates that a reboot is required. You can do this by passing the --allow-reboot flag.
  • WinGet configuration can accept a URL rather than only a local file.
  • Performance improvements to be more network efficient with the CDN along with better flows to handle scenarios with elevation requirements.
  • Support for Entra Id authentication (formerly Azure Active Directory) for private REST sources. Note: The REST source reference implementation still needs to be updated.

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Full Changelog v1.6.2631...v1.7.10514

Release Windows Package Manager 1.7.10514 · microsoft/winget-cli