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The fourth stable release of the Windows Package Manager 1.7 series for Windows 10 and Windows 11 fixes problems and adds arm64 support for Microsoft.WinGet.Client PowerShell module. Changes include the ability to establish optional limitations in the configuration, an enhanced MSStore installation success rate, dynamic runtime configuration support, and package case functionality.

Windows Package Manager 1.7.11132

This release is the fourth stable release of Windows Package Manager 1.7 for Windows 10 (1809+), and Windows 11. Experimental features have been disabled in this release.

This release addresses various bugs and adds arm64 support for the Microsoft.WinGet.Client powershell module.

What's Changed

  • Add support for optional limitation set in configuration remote server and processors by  @ryfu-msft in  #4349
  • Improve MSStore installation success rate by trying Restart or Cancel when applicable by  @yao-msft in  #4356
  • Dynamic runtime configuration support by  @JohnMcPMS and  @ryfu-msft in  #4355
  • Make DLL directory work in packaged cases as well by  @JohnMcPMS in  #4389
  • Enable Microsoft.WinGet.Client arm64 support by  @msftrubengu in  #4392

Full Changelog v1.7.10861...v1.7.11132

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