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The first development build of Windows Package Manager 1.8 has been made available by Microsoft for Windows 10 (18.09) and Windows 11 operating systems.

Windows Package Manager 1.8.532-preview

This is the first development build after the Windows Package Manager 1.7 build for Windows 10(1809+) and Windows 11.
This build will be released to Windows Insider Dev builds and Windows Package Manager Insiders.

Experimental features are enabled in this release. Run winget features to see which experimental features are enabled or disabled. Add the following to your settings (winget settings) file to enable the experimental features.

    "experimentalFeatures": {
	  "directMSI": true,
          "configuration03": true,
          "resume": true,

What's Changed

Full Changelog v1.7.10514...v1.8.532-preview

Release Windows Package Manager 1.8.532-preview · microsoft/winget-cli