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Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Server Preview Build 26063.

Announcing Windows Server Preview Build 26063

Announcing Windows Server Preview Build 26063 Hello Windows Server Insiders! Today we are pleased to release a new build of the next Windows Server Long-Term. 

What's New

Windows Server Flighting is here!!

If you signed up for Server Flighting, you should receive this new build automatically later today. For more information, see  Welcome to Windows Insider flighting on Windows Server - Microsoft Community Hub

[NEW] The new Feedback Hub app is now available for Server Desktop users!

The app should automatically update with the latest version, but if it does not, simply Check for updates in the app’s settings tab.

[NEW] Win32-OpenSSH server component is now installed by default.

Starting in Windows Server 2025 the Win32-OpenSSH server side component (SSHD) will ship installed by default. Previously, the Win32-OpenSSH server component shipped as an optional feature that needed to be installed.  Additionally, there is a new option in the Server Manager UI to enabled/disable SSHD, as well as a new group, “OpenSSH Users”. To use SSHD, the feature only has to be enabled, not installed. When enabled, SSHD is allowed only on private networks on default port 22.

Try the "WinGet" command line utility on Windows Server! The WinGet command line utility enables installing applications and other packages from the command line. Simply type winget on the command line for a list of available commands to get started. For example, you can install the latest version of Powershell using the winget command

Desktop Wallpaper: Our newly modernized desktop experience now includes an updated desktop wallpaper.

Announcing Windows Server Preview Build 26063