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Microsoft has released Windows Terminal v1.15.2874 and v1.15.2875.

Windows Terminal v1.15.2874 and v1.15.2875

v1.15.2784 (Windows 10) and v1.15.2785 (Windows 11) are servicing updates to Windows Terminal Stable v1.15. It is highly recommended that you install this version if you're using Windows 11 22H2 (October Update).

As a reminder, Terminal 1.12 was the last version of Windows Terminal that supports Windows 19H1 or 19H2.
Those versions of Windows went out of support in May, so you really may want to consider upgrading.

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This servicing release supersedes the  v1.15.2712.0 release (not uploaded to GitHub) and contains the following bug fixes and changes:


  • Terminal will now detect the title of a LNK or EXE as the default terminal (backport from 1.16) ( #13570)

Bug Fixes

Stability and Security

  • Windows Terminal once again works on Windows N (no media) SKUs
  • OSC 9;9 will now reject malformed paths ( #14093)
  • OSC 8 URIs will be limited to 2MB in length, following iTerm2 (and only 1024 bytes will be displayed in the tooltip) ( #14198)
  • We've fixed some lag and deadlocking that would happen when you close a tab ( #14041)
  • We will no longer leak OpenConsole processes when they're running a Visual Studio Developer Shell ( #14160)
  • An application calling system() on its main thread will no longer deadlock itself and Terminal (when Terminal is set as default) ( #14195)
  • We've fixed a potential race condition causing a crash on tab close ( #13882)


  • The WPF control now supports accessibility notifications ( #14097)
  • The Settings UI title/breadcrumb bar is now readable by screen readers ( #14180)


  • You can now duplicate unfocused tabs ( #13964) (thanks  @JerBast!)
  • The Open in Terminal shell extension should appear more reliably on the Desktop context menu ( #14048) ( #14211)
  • "Export Text" will no longer suggest illegal filenames ( #13693) (thanks  @EliaSchiavon!)
  • Alt+Space will now open the system menu in the Settings UI and Command Palette ( #14221)
  • intenseTextStyle is now included properly in the JSON schema (whoops) ( #14210) (thanks  @neersighted!)

Release Windows Terminal v1.15.2874 and v1.15.2875 · microsoft/terminal