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Windows Terminal 1.18.3181.0 has been released.

Windows Terminal v1.18.3181.0

Welcome to the mid-November servicing release for Windows Terminal!

This release includes the following bug fixes:

Bug Fixes


  • Environment variables will no longer spontaneously disappear if one happens to have a NUL in it ( #16190)
  • The "Azure Cloud Shell" connector has been updated to support the new cloud shell protocol ( #16247)
  • The regression where "Cascadia Mono" (or "... Code") would not be found on upgrade has been un-regressed ( #16196)
  • The light color schemes now include a selection background that is actually visible ( #16243) (thanks  @TahaHaksal!)
    • You may need to delete the light color schemes from your settings to see this change.
  • With the new rendering engine, some pixel shaders should no longer cause characters to have a black background ( #16219)


  • Terminal no longer leaks nigh-unto infinite amounts of memory when it's out of focus ( #16251)
  • When you close a window on Windows 10, there's a much lower chance of Terminal blowing up spontaneously ( #16267)
  • (newly backported from 1.19) A rare crash seen on Windows 10 when creating a new window has been obliterated ( #16047)


  • The issue where stable-branded binaries contained a -preview moniker has been fixed ( #16122)
  • The system menu no longer grows hundreds of copies of the Settings... menu item when you close and reopen a window ( #16225)

Binary files inside the unpackaged distribution archive bear the version number 1.18.231114001.

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