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A new servicing release of Windows Terminal has been released.

Windows Terminal v1.19.10573.0

This is a quick servicing release to cross a few eyes and dot a few Ts.


  • Dashed, dotted and curly underlines have been changed to be slightly more readable (and pretty!) ( #16719)

Bug Fixes

  • In CMD, pressing Tab in the middle of a line will finally clear the remainder of the line from the screen ( #16718)
  • We have removed one source of graphical issues on x86, which was caused by a compiler bug ( #16742)
  • You can once again copy/paste entire files onto the Terminal window ( #16634)

Binary files inside the unpackaged distribution archive bear the version number 1.19.240226003.Asset Hashes

    • SHA256 A89F03E264813E454B3E1674886843294A4F5C46DF0A6F5984AC7FB8E709D1E2
  • Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_1.19.10573.0_8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle
    • SHA256 59396AF53C987B3385FDB26A97CA026C8F1FA892FB23E9F3AA7DEC53E7F7DB0A
    • SHA256 A0E71AF2D0E0BDDE82F861CE7A9061D35B82C4A2FFCE76DEC06CAB4234E772CE
    • SHA256 F756A41FA2DBEE274334CB49D93A84CB29E5DF0A2446FC79BF7ED9FFE8B49FFB
    • SHA256 9920A17DB43D58E2561F7271AC3AD9BB0C05E97CA946BE50422301227153E5EA

Release Windows Terminal v1.19.10573.0 · microsoft/terminal