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Windows Terminal 1.20.11381.0 is now available. The update includes bug fixes for crashes caused by closing panes too quickly, preventing crashes caused by zooming in too much, fixing tab memory issues, allowing assistive technology to detect location with cursor movement, and resolving Narrator issues. There are now clickable URLs on the right side of the screen, as well as enlarged ones.

Windows Terminal v1.20.11381.0

Sorry for the late servicing release, folks! This has been rolling out through the various channels for a while now.

Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved a crash that occurred if you closed a pane too soon after opening it ( #17199)
  • We will no longer crash if you zoom in too much; we will in fact put a stop to such behavior (or I will turn this car around!) ( #17258)
  • Terminal will no longer try to remember tabs even after you tell it not to ( #17269)
  • Terminal will now remember tabs that came in through "default terminal" ( #17269)
  • Assistive tech like screen readers and Inspect will no longer fail to find your location if you keep the cursor moving ( #17257)
  • Tearing the last tab out of a window with Narrator running will no longer send terminal to an early doom ( #17251) (thanks  @tusharsnx!)
  • URLs that touch the right side of the screen or get resized are once again clickable (backported from 1.21) ( #17120)

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