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Windows Terminal Preview 1.14.145 has been released.

Release Windows Terminal Preview v1.14.145

This release of Windows Terminal Preview, 1.14.145, was made generally available on the 26th of May, 2022.

It contains the following fixes, which are almost exclusively for bugs that we recalled 1.14.143 over!

As with prior releases, you need to install Microsoft.VCLibs.UWPDesktop.140.00 or make sure it is installed prior to installing Terminal. If you are using Terminal unpackaged, you will need to make sure you have the systemwide "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable" installed, and choose the Win10 version of our msixbundle. Yeah, it's strange!

Bug Fixes

  • Opening a new tab or pane will no longer un-maximize, un-snap, or otherwise move Terminal around the screen (!) ( #13164)
  • We will no longer crash when you try to split panes in the Settings tab ( #13172)
  • We have changed the display language names for the different local variations of Chinese to not include location names ( #13148)

Release Windows Terminal Preview v1.14.145 · microsoft/terminal