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Windows Terminal Preview 1.15.200 has been released.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.15.200

This is a servicing release for the Preview channel of Windows Terminal.

People in the Beta channel of the Windows Insider program will receive 1.15 as a Stable channel update while we test out coming features for the next version of Windows. It is roughly equivalent to the build included here, but it does not include the experimental text rendering engine.

There is a known issue in this release of Windows Terminal that may result in difficulty restoring the Terminal window from a minimized state.

  • Windows Terminal no longer depends on a sidecar package of MIDI instrument voices to play "In the Hall of the Mountain King" when an application requests it (that is: DECPS support now relies on DirectSound!) ( #13471)
  • Enabling "read-only" mode for a pane will no longer result in a read only dialog appearing every time you focus, un-focus, move, highlight, or otherwise interact with the terminal inside it. Sorry about that! ( #13483)
  • We will no longer reserve space for the scroll bar marks when there is no scroll bar ( #13454)
  • doskey aliases can now be bypassed by inserting a space before them, as has apparently been documented since 1651 ( #13476)
  • We've enabled word wrapping on more of the tooltips in the application ( #13463)
  • The "Quake node" window will no longer launch in full screen when the full screen launch mode is selected ( #13473)
  • The "debug tap" now includes line breaks to make it easier to read ( #13475)

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