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Windows Terminal Preview 1.18.1462.0 has been released.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.18.1462.0

Wow, it looks like 1.18 had a bunch of issues. Thanks for bearing with us and using the Preview channel!

  • Bug fixes for the new rendering engine:
    • Glyphs that extend above or below the screen (like certain NerdFont varieties) no longer cause rendering failures ( #15403)
    • There should be 100% fewer leftover cursor pieces during scrolling ( #15427)
    • DRCS soft fonts no longer cause crashes ( #15419)
    • We've improved scrolling and device invalidation ( #15425)
  • wt --help now no longer emits a crash log after it exits (oops) ( #15445)
  • In general (outside of the --help case,) Terminal should crash even less on exit ( #15451)
  • We've stamped out some crashes on resize during shutdown ( #15457)
  • The new environment variable support will now always expand PATH, even if it is not a REG_EXPAND_SZ ( #15444) (thanks  @sotteson1!)
  • OpenConsole: block selection now properly records line breaks ( #15423)
  • The "Developer Command Prompt" profiles are no longer totally busted ( #15439)
  • Terminal no longer crashes when you have focusFollowMouse mode enabled ( #15420)

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