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Winpilot version 2024.5.13 has been released. The change log includes Clippy improvements such as a nostalgic '90s Microsoft Clippy atmosphere, small UI updates, enhanced debloat signature, and minor setup/privacy issues. All code modifications made since the version schema conversion have been committed, and the codebase is now open source.

Winpilot 2024.5.13

  • Clippy has been optimized again to evoke that nostalgic and authentic '90s Microsoft Clippy vibe (Clippy's annoyance factor has been dialed down a notch :rolling_eyes: )
  • Numerous subtle UI fixes and adjustments have been made
  • The debloat signature of the Crapify plugin has been expanded with more "safe bloatware," now displayed in the "recommended" section for uninstallation
  • Minor fixes have been made in the Setup > Privacy section
  • All code changes since the version schema switch have now been finally committed, making the current codebase open source
  • For experimental purposes, a female version of Clippy dubbed MissPencil is being tested. Final name still up in the air

NOTE: Winpilot can be scaled in and out directly using CTRL + Scroll Up/Down. Similarly, CTRL + F can be used for searching.

Release Winpilot 2024.5.13 · builtbybel/Winpilot