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Winpilot 2024.5.20 has been released. The interface has been modernized to match the style of Windows 11, and Clippy is included in a notification bar to lessen its visual impact. The front end user interface's JavaScript code has been fine-tuned, which makes page loads much quicker. The Arc Browser download link is now available in the Install menu.

Winpilot 2024.5.20


  • Access to the menu and menu navigation, in general, has been updated to align with the Windows 11 design language. This transition is being rolled out gradually. There's a possibility that Clippy might be integrated into a notification bar to reduce its impact on the UI. The elements you're seeing now are essentially expansions of the Windows 11 Settings app, but let's face it, Microsoft won't officially introduce them :joy_cat:
  • The JavaScript code for the UI frontend has been optimized
  • Further optimizations and refinements have been made to the code related to the UI, resulting in faster loading times
  • Download of Arc Browser has been added to the Install section
  • Tiny11 support remains experimental. If you choose to utilize this feature and work with a "tiny/debloated" image, proceed at your own risk

Release Winpilot 2024.5.20 · builtbybel/Winpilot