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Winpilot 2024.5.4 has been released. Fixing issues that prevented settings from loading during setup, incorrectly detecting the status of privacy settings, and a glitch in the 'Assisted Debloat' feature are all part of the changelog. A new Clippy asset icon for Winpilot, better Home Screen/Workspace, reworked Bloatynosy program internal functionality, updated light and dark modes, and small UI tweaks and enhancements are all part of the upgrades.

Winpilot 2024.5.4


  • An error has been fixed that could have resulted in some settings not loading in the setup
  • An error has been fixed that led to the incorrect detection of the status of the Setup > Privacy Option 'Privacy Settings Experience at sign-in'
  • A bug in the 'Assisted Debloat' function has been fixed, which previously did not allow apps to be removed as non-administrator. In Administrator mode, however, they were not displayed at all
  • The Home Screen/Workspace has been improved and occasionally shows hints about newly introduced Microsoft features that generally worsen the user experience, such as advertising in the Start menu
  • The Clippy asset from this  ClippyGPT version is now also the new icon for Winpilot. Credits go to @ FireCube
  • The navigation menu displays descriptions of the menus when hovering the mouse over them
  • Some internal functions of the old Bloatynosy app have been revamped and reintroduced in a modified form into Winpilot
  • The light and dark modes have been slightly revised
  • Minor UI improvements and fixes

Release Winpilot 2024.5.4 · builtbybel/Winpilot