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Winpilot 2024.6.13 has been released, and it now includes a native retro version called Clipilot, which has enhanced database compatibility. While not as visually appealing, this native desktop app is quicker and more effective than the web app, which primarily uses the Edge WebView2 engine. Both versions are being developed simultaneously and are accessible for download.

Winpilot 2024.6.13

Winpilot now comes also in a native retro version called Clipilot.

Along with this, the database has been updated to enhance compatibility between them. As many of you know, Winpilot primarily operates as a web app relying on the Edge WebView2 engine. Back then, there was a significant outcry when I bid farewell to Bloatynosy for this reason alone. Well, with the retro version of Winpilot - Clipilot - we now have a native desktop app again, which may not be prettier but certainly gets things done faster. Both versions are being developed in parallel and available for download.  Follow me here if you'd like to test out the retro version Clipilot. In this version, even Clippy has jumped out of his app bubble and is causing mischief on the desktop.

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