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Winpilot 2024.6.19 has been released. The Winpilot app, which was originally a classic Win32 desktop app, is being revamped to be a native application. The existing Winpilot app, based on the WebView2 core, will become Winpilot Legacy and remain available for download.

The new "old" classic Win32 desktop app has several advantages, including a "native" implementation, minimal resource consumption, faster loading times, optimized Bloatynosy modules, improved logging and system monitoring through Clippy, no longer requiring admin rights, customizable Clippy character/appearance, and the ability to disable "Clippy." The old Winpilot app has been downloaded approximately 2 million times and may receive periodic updates.

Winpilot 2024.6.19

After I gave Winpilot ("WebApp") a modern look with a classic Win32 desktop app two weeks ago - the project ran in parallel and could optionally be downloaded as Clipilot - the feedback was overwhelming, and a survey to decide whether to go with the WebApp or Win32 is now almost unnecessary.

I received over 130 messages via email alone - that really wasn't necessary, folks, but yes, I agree with you - I should indeed strip the web core from Winpilot.

Given that Microsoft has recently taken the "wrong" direction again by turning its nice (not perfect but good) UWP-era Mail and Calendar app into a PWA, I wasn't particularly thrilled, to put it mildly. Quite the opposite, I will banish this app in the business environment. Apart from the fact that the app is a resource monster - PWAs rely heavily on JavaScript, which is more resource-intensive than native code, especially for complex applications like web clients - this app stores login data for IMAP accounts on Microsoft's servers, and that's simply too much for me!

Well, I don't want to digress. Winpilot is getting rid of the Edge WebView2 foundation and will return to being a classic application. Don't be surprised if "Clipilot" appears in the title bar at startup; this is the start module of the Clippy assistant. All other classic modules are named Winpilot, just like the app itself.

The old Winpilot app, based on the WebView2 core, will become Winpilot Legacy and will continue to be available for download. It may receive occasional updates, and it has currently been downloaded around 2 million times.

Here are some advantages of the new "old" classic Win32 desktop app

  • Transitioned the app to a "native" implementation, removing the need for WebView2
  • The app operates with minimal resource consumption and loads up to 70% faster
  • The app utilizes optimized yet classic Bloatynosy modules. The first two (CoTweaker Setup and Decrapify) have already been completely rewritten
  • Improved logging and system monitoring through Clippy; all settings are logged in the Clippy Bubble
  • The app no longer requires admin rights and must be manually granted, as Clippy prefers it that way
  • The Clippy character/appearance can be customized
  • Clippy can also be disabled
  • No Copilot support for now, but we may consider integrating Copilot with Clippy as our mascot in the future

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