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A new version of Winpilot, which was formerly known as BloatyNosy and Debloos, has been released. The change log includes contemporary artificial intelligence, enhanced skill naming, the elimination of a placeholder application, the addition of a CoTweaker plugin for gaming, system, and privacy settings, compatibility with Chris Titus's tool, and a number of minor bug fixes.

Winpilot 3.2.5

Important note: Bloatynosy has now evolved into Winpilot. Check out 3.0.0 for more details

Revised, more modern, and above all, even smarter AI like "Starter Prompt"
Enhanced, shorter, and more memorable naming of skills, tasks, and actions

You can remove the placeholder app 'Microsoft Windows AI Copilot Provider' that was rolled out with the Edge 123 update (Switch to the Decrapify plugin, simply press CTRL + F to activate search or jump to letter M, select the app, and press 'Remove selected'.)

Settings in CoTweaker (a plugin for privacy, system, and gaming) apply their settings directly via the toggle status. Simply toggle on or off to make changes. It is recommended to use the "Detect current settings" button beforehand to check your Windows setup.

CoTweaker restores the very latest Bloatynosy settings, such as removing the "Fax Printer" or "XPS Writers."

Enhanced compatibility with Chris Titus's tool and other plugins

The Clippy character is becoming more mischievous and cheeky

Numerous minor bug fixes.

Release Winpilot 3.2.5 · builtbybel/Winpilot