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Winpilot 3.5.2 has been released. The Winpilot plugin known as PimpApp, which was formerly known as WinModder, has returned with an improved application. The plugin provides both advanced debloating functionality as well as community templates that have already been created. Issues with Clippy and Winpilot's user interface are addressed in this update, along with optimizations to the web core, enhancements to the functionality of update search, and minor bug fixes found internally.

Winpilot 3.5.2


The old WinModder extension from Bloatynosy is coming back in a tougher version. I've decided to name this Winpilot plugin PimpApp (again). Maybe some of you still remember the name. Back in the day, about a year before Windows 11 dropped, back in late 2020, I released my first app based on the Net Ecosystem under this name, stirring up some serious debate among the user base. Some hated the name, others vibed with it - you know how it goes. PimpApp used to tweak and slim down systems with pre-made community templates. And now, I'm gifting that same functionality to Winpilot. Think of it as extensions offering advanced debloating. Originally, this menu should have been called WinModder, but for my own anniversary, I'm having a little fun and letting it run under PimpApp (Extensions). It's now a menu item in Winpilot! Everything else about Winpilot and its name stays unchanged, though.

I had to allow myself the fun and then Google it afterwards. Believe it or not, It turns out, that  PimpApp still exists in the archives on Deskmodder. What can I say,I was young and broke, just like Elon and Bill

Other Issues addressed in this release

  • Refreshed Clippy and Winpilot's user interface
  • Optimized the web core
  • Improved update search functionality
  • Fixed numerous minor internal bug fixes

Release Winpilot 3.5.2 · builtbybel/Winpilot