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Neowin reports that Microsoft has already started development work on Windows 9

t's not really a surprise that Microsoft is already at work on the generation of Windows which we will call Windows 9, for now. In a recent change for Microsoft, they have begun using code names that eventually turn into the product that hits retail. For example, the code-name of Windows 7, was Windows 7, same with Windows 8 and as you would expect, the codename for Windows 9 is, you guessed it, Windows 9. Of course, Microsoft will likely refer to the next generation of Windows as or Windows vNext too.

MsftKitchen did a bit of digging around Windows 9 and already found the moniker listed on several Microsoft employees profiles and other locations around the web. While we had little doubt that Windows 9 was already in the planning/development stages, Microsoft employees are wasting no time and are wearing Windows 9 as a badge of honor.
  With Windows 8 completed, Windows 9 dev work kicks off