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A new version of WSL2 Distro Manager is now available. WSL2 Distro Manage is a tool to manage your WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) instances with a GUI.

WSL Distro Manager v1.6.1

What's Changed

  • Added release workflow & removed githook by  @bostrot in  #104
  • Add translation for zh-tw by  @yrctw in  #108
  • Updated fluent_ui to v4.4.1 by  @bostrot in  #109
  • Fixed zh translation by  @bostrot in  #110
  • Fixed "already exists" bug
  • Fixed dropdown clicking

New Contributors

Full Changelog v1.6.0...v1.6.1

Release v1.6.1 · bostrot/wsl2-distro-manager