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WSL Distro Manager 1.7.2 has been released. WSL2 Distro Manage is a tool to manage your WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) instances with a GUI.

WSL Distro Manager 1.7.2

What's Changed

  • You can now directly pull docker images and use them as a base for your WSL instances - and all that without needing to install Docker!
  • Design rework by  @bostrot in  #121
  • Info messages by  @bostrot in  #122
  • Added some tests by  @bostrot in  #123
  • Added docker rootfs feature by  @bostrot in  #75
  • Added env variables and start command to docker rootfs by  @bostrot in  #120

Full Changelog v1.7.1...v1.7.2

Release v1.7.2 · bostrot/wsl2-distro-manager