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FrostyTech has posted a Zalman CNPS7000-Cu Quiet P4 / Athlon64 Heatsink review

Continuing on in typical Zalman tradition, the CNPS7000-Cu is a low noise heatsink that can be made even quieter with the use of the included Fanmate 1 fan speed controller. When used, the Fanmate 1 drops the speed of the integrated 80mm fan impeller from 2400RPM to about 1350RPM making it barely audible. Those of you with an eye towards upgrading should be interested to know that the Zalman CNPS700-Cu is the first heatsink we have tested so far that can be used to cool both the socket 478 Intel Pentium 4 and the upcoming socket 754 AMD Athlon64 "Hammer" processor. This means if you upgrade to an Athlon64 when it is released you'll be able to continue using the CNPS7000-Cu. Based on the general design of the CNPS5700D series heatsink, the Zalman CNPS7000-Cu builds upon that tradition with even more surface area, and consequently a larger diameter (109mm). Since the retention mechanism is designed for both Petnium 4 and Athlon64, and because of the large size of the heatsink itself, there are a handful of motherboards which do not properly support the size of this cooler.
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