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There is a new version of the BloatynosyApp that has been made available.

BloatynosyAI 2.0

Today, BloatynosyAI enters a new era with the first preview version of version 2.0.
This marks a major release with a hybrid web app foundation (which was developed for the  CoMachina app. BloatynosyAI may potentially merge with CoMachina, but this decision will be made together).

This version will be given the additional identifier "AI" by me and will now be called BloatynosyAI to emphasize the new Windows character. In addition to the ability to remove AI features in Windows, it also underscores the intelligent approach of the app itself. This version works now on Windows 10 and also supports localizations. If you want to translate the app, feel free to join the discussion  here.

All modules have been translated and are also available in BloatynosAI. Some are in a slightly streamlined form, while others are more powerful and extensible.

How does it work?
The three central modules (Privacy, Bloatware Uninstaller, and App Installer) that we know from Bloatynosy are presented directly on the homepage. Plugins can be accessed, for example, via the keyword "Plugin" or "AI" to remove AI in Windows 11/10. Additionally, many other Windows functions can be accessed and controlled through the search bar. Just give it a try with some queries or keywords.

Try out the new version and provide feedback in the discussions.

Release BloatynosyAI 2.0 · builtbybel/Bloatynosy