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PC Stats posted an Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra Socket 939 Motherboard Review

This latest Epox motherboard, the EP9NPA+ Ultra is complete with Port 80 card and PCI Express, although SLI is not supported. PCI Express is definitely the way to go with AMD Athlon64 systems, and a single high end videocard has more than enough power for today's games as do regular Athlon64's and Pentium 4's processors. The Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra offers users a very flexible nForce 4/PCI Express platform, and has some useful integrated peripherals like a 8-channel audio, 10 USB2.0 ports, IEEE 1394a, and Gigabit LAN. It's not the most well equipped motherboard we've ever dealt with, but for mainstream users I think you could say it fills out all the necessary points well.
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