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The Guru of 3D posted a review on the PC Power & Cooling Mk III Silencer 1200 Watt PSU

PC Power & Cooling is a company that manages to do that though, and albeit after the OCZ takeover it became a little quiet with them here in the EU, last year they started pumping out power supplies again for both the US and EU market.

What I frowned upon in the past with the PCP&C is that they never made any modular power supplies -- they where proclaiming that it would hurt efficiency. Time completely passed them by and due to market demand big brands surpassed the single rail, non modular and a bit too noisy products from PC Power & Cooling with all highly efficient and modular power supplies.

It's now Summer 2012 and PC Power & Cooling is offering a modular power supply that is actually Platinum certified, see it can be done. And realistically it won't get any better then this anytime soon either as the product reviewed today is the all new Silencer Mk III in the 1200 Watt flavor.
  PC Power & Cooling Mk III Silencer 1200 Watt PSU Review