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PimpRig has posted a new review up on a tweaked X700 Pro from Sapphire they have dubbed the Toxic edition.

One of the main benefits of this X700 Pro vs the vanilla one is that this one comes packaged with Sapphire's A.P.E. software. This is definitely the easiest out of the box overclocking software I have ever used... to a fault. Simply slide in the install CD and run the setup app and reboot. Done. Don't bother to look for any settings or fancy system tray setup. It won't be there. For the minimalists among you this little app will be extremely attractive but for control freaks like me that love bells, whistles, switches and options (for starters) this little app just won't sit well and you will most likely opt to use your preferred overclocking software instead.
Sapphire Tech Toxic X700 Pro PCIe Video Card Review