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Dustin L. Howett has announced the release of Windows Terminal 1.18.2822.0.

Windows Terminal v1.18.2822.0

This is a quick servicing release to fix some of the top issues in 1.18.
Thanks to our Dev and Canary Windows Insiders for helping iron out the wrinkles in the previous 1.18 release!

There is a cosmetic issue with the unpackaged or portable mode version numbers in this distribution.
The version numbers are erroneously marked with -preview.
This does not indicate that this is a preview build, and this build does not include preview features.
This issue was fixed by pull request  #16122.

Bug Fixes


  • Tearing out a tab when you have startupActions set no longer results in unexpected behavior ( #16089)
  • We will no longer display dialog boxes over top of menus when you close the terminal window ( #16075) (thanks  @codecruisedor!)
  • Hovering over a file:// URI will no longer display "Invalid URL" ( #16026)


  • Tab operations (dragging, indexing, switching) have been insulated from crashing ( #16016)
  • In theory, we fixed a "threading and callbacks are hard" crash ( #16065)

JSON Schema

  • allowEmpty now has the correct default value ( #16040)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Terminal has moved to a new build pipeline, and builds that are integrated into Windows now come with a complete SBOM ( #16081) ( #16057)
  • More of our constituent components are built with Control Flow Guard ( #16056)

Release Windows Terminal v1.18.2822.0 · microsoft/terminal