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Windows Terminal Preview 1.19.2831.0 has been released.

Windows Terminal Preview v1.19.2831.0

Just like 1.18.2822.0 before it, this is a servicing release for some quick issues in Terminal 1.19.

Bug Fixes


  • "Always close when process exits" now works again (ha) ( #16090)
  • Tearing out a tab when you have startupActions set no longer results in unexpected behavior ( #16089)
  • We will no longer display dialog boxes over top of menus when you close the terminal window ( #16075) (thanks  @codecruisedor!)
  • Hovering over a file:// URI will no longer display "Invalid URL" ( #16026)


  • Tab operations (dragging, indexing, switching) have been insulated from crashing ( #16016)
  • Custom themes without a tab entry no longer blow up Terminal ( #16046)
  • searchForText actions without a query URL no longer cause a crash when you open the command palette ( #16054)
  • A rare crash seen on Windows 10 when creating a new window has been obliterated ( #16047)
  • In theory, we fixed a "threading and callbacks are hard" crash ( #16065)

JSON Schema

  • allowEmpty now has the correct default value ( #16040)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Terminal has moved to a new build pipeline, and builds that are integrated into Windows now come with a complete SBOM ( #16081) ( #16057)
  • More of our constituent components are built with Control Flow Guard ( #16056)

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