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Bjorn3D takes a look at the WinFast Leadtek PxDTV2300H.

The ways we can watch TV have increased over the years. In the beginning we were forced to sit by the TV and watch one of the few analogue channels that were broadcasted through the airwaves. Today however we have a lot more options. Not only can we still watch TV on our TV-sets, though now in various digital form, but we also can watch TV on our computers, either through the internet or through a TV-card in our computer.

To be able to watch TV on or through a computer we of course need a TV-card and Leadtek were kind enough to send over one of their premium TV-cards, the WinFast Leadtek PxDTV2300H. In addition to the support for analogue broadcasts this card also supports the DVB-T standard for digital Terrestial broadcasts.
WinFast Leadtek PxDTV2300H Review