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BloatyNosy version 2024.4.7 is now available. "CoTweaker," a privacy, system, and gaming plugin, now automatically identifies specified system settings, providing improved support for gaming handhelds such as Lenovo Legion GO and Rog Ally. The UI has been revised to reflect the Windows 11 design language, and the versioning schema has been switched from semantic to date-based. A single hit of the ESC key refreshes the application. The forthcoming edition will be entirely open-source, allowing the community to participate while removing unneeded features and pilot functions.

Winpilot 2024.4.7


  • The privacy, system, and gaming plugin "CoTweaker" now automatically detects the configured system settings. Custom settings only need to be toggled on/off with the ToggleSwitch. Modified settings are logged in the Clippy Bubble
  • The CoTweaker plugin now offers enhanced support for gaming handhelds like the Lenovo Legion GO and Rog Ally
  • The UI has been refreshed once again to better align with the design language of Windows 11. For example, the containers are now flat, with the Back button placed in the upper left corner and the Next button in the lower one
  • The versioning schema has been changed from Semantic (SemVer) to a date-based versioning (CalVer) scheme. This is to better indicate the number of releases in a month. `The format is as follows: Year, Month, and Incremental Version: YYYY.MM.MINOR Example: 2024.4.7 (for the seventh release in April 2024)
  • The current view or even the entire app can be refreshed with a single press of the ESC key on the keyboard, handy when you're, say, in the Copilot view
  • With the upcoming release, I've made some big changes. I've cleaned out a lot of the old clutter and separated out many of those smart "AI" functions from the code. This means the community can now easily join in and contribute to the project. There were quite a few unnecessary features and pilot functions still hanging around in the code, and it took longer than expected to tidy things up. So the project will be completely open-source like Bloatynosy/AI

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