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Winpilot version 2024.5.3 has been released. The UI has been overhauled to increase productivity and user experience, with a visually revamped SuperClippy interface, the addition of Dark Mode, and several minor extension improvements.

Winpilot and SuperClippy 2024.5.3

  • The UI has been completely refreshed, making it more intuitive and significantly enhancing efficiency while working with it
  • @microsoft Clippy now appears as SuperClippy and has been visually refreshed (thanks to @ FireCube for the Clippy asset from his  ClippyGPT version)
  • Dark Mode has been added (preview attached, switching between day/night mode is done via the toggle in the top right corner)
  • Numerous minor optimizations to the extensions

Release Winpilot and SuperClippy 2024.5.3 · builtbybel/Winpilot