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Winpilot 2024.6.1 has been released. The changelog includes a separation of Clippy's speech bubble from assisted actions, top-bar recommendations, updated "assisted" Debloat Signatures, a mode toggle move to the Settings/Three-dot menu, and improved error handling for startup errors caused by a missing Evergreen Bootstrapper for WebView2.

Winpilot 2024.6.1

Warning: Scam Alert is a fake site—don't download anything from there! The app is now Winpilot. Only download legit versions from my GitHub. Bloatynosy Classic is also available exclusively on GitHub.


  • Clippy's Interactions Split: I separated Clippy’s speech bubble from the assisted actions. Lots of users found the big bubble with buttons annoying, as it covered parts of the UI. Now, Clippy is less of a bother  #215  #174
  • Top-Bar Recommendations: Recommendations are now shown at the top, like what Microsoft’s doing with the Settings app and Copilot
  • Updated "assisted" Debloat Signatures for better performance
  • Light/Dark Mode Toggle Moved: Now you can switch modes in the Settings/Three-dot menu
  • Better Error Handling: Improved exception handling for those annoying startup errors when the UI frontend doesn’t load, often because the Evergreen Bootstrapper for WebView2 is missing

Release Winpilot 2024.6.1 · builtbybel/Winpilot