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For Windows, Linux, and macOS, a fresh version of the XAMPP PHP development environment has been released.

XAMPP 8.2.0

We just released a new version of XAMPP for Windows, Linux and OS X for PHP 8.2.0. You can download these new installers at

These installers include the next main components:


  • PHP 8.2.0
  • Apache 2.4.54
  • MariaDB 5.4.27
  • phpMyAdmin 5.2.0
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1p (Windows) and OpenSSL 1.1.1s (Linux and OS X)

The  PHP version 7.4.x is now end-of-life but you can continue download previous versions from  SourceForge XAMPP site.

The OS X native installer ships x86_64 binaries that are supported by the OS X Rosetta environment for the new OS X M1 and M2 (ARM architecture). The XAMPP VM is not compatible with the ARM architecture, the OS X Rosetta environment does not translate Virtual Machine apps that virtualize x86_64 computer platforms. For this reason XAMPP does no longer support OS X VM but you can download previous versions from the  SourceForge XAMPP for OS X folder.

You can also contribute to the project. All the code and resources are available at the  GitHub Apache Friends project. We also would like to hear your feedback to plan the next major features and improvements for the project. Please  fill this anonymous form to help us!


Download XAMPP 8.2.0